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Experience The Big Bait Bite

Swimbaits Made For Trophy Fish

How It All Started

Located in North Texas, Texas Swimbaitz isn't just a small custom swimbait maker; it's a passion-driven endeavor. My journey into lure craftsmanship began with a curiosity about the art of bait creation. While I experimented with crafting my jigs and soft plastics, the real excitement didn't kick in until the world of big swimbaits caught my attention.

The turning point came when a local angler clinched a tournament victory in my area with a custom made swimbait. Inspired by the success, I embarked on a mission to produce the most lifelike baits with unparalleled action in today's market. This newfound fascination transformed me into a dedicated swimbait enthusiast, constantly refining and testing my creations to ensure they deliver optimal performance on the water.

Beyond the workshop, I've become hooked on fishing my own baits, seeking not only what works but also how to enhance their effectiveness. The thrill of discovery and improvement fuels my commitment to delivering top-tier swimbaits. I'm genuinely excited to witness the experiences and successes of fellow anglers with Texas Swimbaits. I invite you to join the journey, try our creations, and become part of the ever-evolving story of Texas Swimbaits! Your next big catch awaits—


We don't produce items arbitrarily at Texas Swimbaitz; each creation is purposeful and meticulously crafted.

At Texas Swimbaitz, crafting products goes beyond mere creation. We infuse each piece with a blend of passion, innovation, and years of experience, constantly pushing the limits of modern lure fishing to enhance your angling success. The future of lure fishing may hold uncertainties, but one thing is certain – the next breakthrough in the world of Texas Swimbaitz will redefine your fishing experience.


Soft Swimbaits


Glide Baits



A Visual Odyssey of Texas Swimbaitz' Artistry and Angling Adventures

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Texas Swimbaitz through our Gallery. Witness the meticulous craftsmanship and thrilling moments captured in each image, showcasing the evolution of our swimbaits from the workshop to the water. Join us on a visual journey that celebrates the art, precision, and excitement of fishing with Texas Swimbaitz.


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